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"ASK BIG DESTINY TOOL KIT" Is a powerful interactive tool to guide you through the season of being SEATED AT THE TABLE as God our Master Chef , has invited you to shift from a season of fighting battles into a season of being seated at the banquet table of blessings. It's time to cast aside your battle uniform and adorn yourself in your fabulous banquet attire. Remove your dirty battle boots and slip into your beautiful ball heels.


Leave your fears behind, it is time for you to shine. God has reserved a seat at the table in your honor, that will cause you to reap and not weep. Once you are seated, you will be served whatsoever you ask, therefore be prepared to ASK BIG. The ASK BIG Destiny Tool Kit , will provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to activate and empower you to not only ASK for the life and dreams you want but to ASK BIG. Your invitation to THE BANQUET has been sent, ACCEPT IT! ARRIVE ON TIME.YOUR SEAT AWAITS YOUR ARRIVAL. BE SEATED PLEASE!








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